Tuesday, June 27, 2023

🔴 Rare Book Cafe COFFEE BREAK No. 6:
What are you reading this summer?


Co-hosts Ed Markiewicz and  Lee Linn share their summer reading lists, as does their guest, Rare Book Cafe regular Richard Mori, who is known as The Road Warrior. Also, Lee recently had a birthday and, of course, there was cake.

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This is another one of the earliest episodes of Rare Book Cafe COFFEE BREAK, our new series offering short programs, usually on a single topic. Watch for more in our Rare Book Cafe COFFEE BREAK series.

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Rare Book Cafe COFFEE BREAK is made possible by the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair, the oldest and largest rare, used, and collectible book fair in the southeastern United States. The Florida Antiquarian Book Fair will be presented March 1-3, 2024 at The Coliseum in downtown St. Petersburg. More information at floridaantiquarianbookfair.com

The program also is made possible by Biblio.com, a website featuring used, rare, and out-of-print books from independent booksellers. Biblio is celebrating 20 years of serving book lovers. It’s better than ever. Biblio spotlights “the core of our business model: the independent booksellers who bring their expertise, enthusiasm, and professionalism to  soon the used and rare book trade.”

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Rare Book Cafe is a periodic gathering of collectors and lovers of old, rare, and collectible books. It is a virtual cafe, accessible anywhere in the world, where the subjects are priceless and the conversation is free. It is truly the book lovers' rendezvous.

Rare Book Cafe is presented periodically on Facebook and YouTube, and will also be available on podcast. Rare Book Cafe features conversations about antiquarian books, rare books, collectible books, unusual books, vintage photographs, antique maps, rare prints, and a wide variety of ephemera.

Guests include antiquarian booksellers, authors, collectors, and anyone else with an interest in and knowledge of these topics.

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Thursday, June 15, 2023

🔴 Rare Book Cafe COFFEE BREAK No. 2 :
A visit with Sarah Smith of the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair

It was a delight to see book fair manager Sarah Smith visiting with Rare Book Cafe co-host Lee Linn on a recent episode of Rare Book Cafe in its new Coffee Break format. Not only were there insights about the book fair from Sarah but it was a chummy recollection of the book fair because Lee Linn is also a regular exhibitor at the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair.

Friday, June 2, 2023

🔴 Rare Book Cafe COFFEE BREAK No. 1:
We're back with Ed's travels abroad and more

In this post is the first episode of the  new video series Rare Book Cafe COFFEE BREAK. In this series, co-hosts Ed Mankiewicz and Lee Linn will offer quick bites of the delectable world of books and book collecting.

Please forgive our food metaphor but we think you’ll find the offerings delicious, even though we all know that one must keep actual food and drink well away from rare and collectible books.

Like a coffee break, these short programs are intended to be a brief and enjoyable respite from the daily routine. Please subscribe either here on the blog or on Facebook or YouTube so you’ll be alerted when there’s a new Rare Book Cafe COFFEE BREAK available to view. We’re always up for a coffee break. How about you?

At the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair, we’re proud to help make this program possible, and we appreciate the support of Biblio.com,  our long-standing book fair sponsor, and we congratulate our friends at Biblio.com as they celebrate 20 years of serving the interests of book lovers around the world.

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