Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Forget Kindle and iPad. We love books!

Here is a tribute to the long and glorious history of the printed word. Long may it live. Kindles and iPads may be all the rage but there't nothing like reading a good book with good old fashioned paper pages. And when they're not making traditional books anymore, the ones we love will be all the more valuable, won't they?

If you love a good book, come to the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair. March 11-13, 2011 at The Coliseum in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. Theme music by Kevin MacLeod.

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  1. Enjoyed the video and really wish we could get there this weekend. It is very doubtful right now. We just wish could have seen some of the images longer so we could have read what they were.

    No matter how convenient e-readers become there is no way to display your favorite books on a shelf or lend them to friends. My husband and I truly hope that the option of a physical book will always be available.

  2. Thank you for your note. You are right. Displaying books and having them available to lend to friends is part of the enjoyment. We believe there will always be conventional books as long a there are people to enjoy them.

    If you don't make it to the Book Fair this time, perhaps you can make it next year.