Thursday, January 28, 2016

Our many friends are the stars of our 30-second TV spot! Thank you so much for volunteering to be in our video

During the 2014 Florida Antiquarian Book Fair, we asked several of our more vivacious booksellers to participate in a video we planned to show leading up to the 2015 show. The result was a lively 30-second spot that succinctly let viewers know what they could expect at the book fair. It was shown on Bright House Networks and on WUSF Channel 16. The format was something of a departure from previous TV spots for the book fair, and we were pleased that it seemed to be well received.

So, last year, building on that success, we decided to keep the same format but change the cast. We asked our patrons, our friends, our fair goers if they'd like to participate. The response was phenomenal. People loved the idea and many were most willing to volunteer to take part. The video at the top of this page is the result. It is our official 30-second TV spot, and, as with others in previous years, it will be shown on Bright House Networks and WUSF Channel 16.

However, the successful response led to a dilemma. We had more willing performers than we had time in our spot. Soooo, as soon as we can, we're going edit another 30-second spot and include some of the people who were omitted from this one. We hope you'll be as delighted as we were with the many talented friends of the book fair who joined us. Watch for it coming up soon.

Meanwhile, we need help with a new dilemma. What do we do for an encore? We're taking suggestions about what we should do for the 2017 book fair spot. We're pretty sure we'd like to include people who attend this year's fair. We're just not too sure about what we want to do. We're open to suggestions. If you have a brilliant idea, shoot us an email at We guarantee we'll read them all and give them consideration.

Here are the guidelines: It has to be something that can be done quickly and easily during the book fair this year. The resulting video has to be easily edited into 30 seconds. And, of course, it has to reflect what the book fair is all about. We're looking forward to your ideas.

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