Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tavistock Books' Vic Zoschak knows his Dickens

Vic Zoschak, of Tavistock Books, ABAA, in Alameda, California, is an authority on Charles Dickens. Vic started his Dickens obsession in the 1980s when he discovered a first edition of Dickens' first book, Pickwick Papers, in an antiquarian bookstore in Vancouver. If you want to talk the dickens out of Dickens, he's your man.

By wonderful serendipity, back in February, on the occasion of the great Mr. Dickens' birthday, Books Tell You Why, ABAA (which will also be returning to the book fair), published a very interesting interview with Vic about Dickens, trends in collecting, and the future of rare books. We suggest you take a look.

Meanwhile, we're looking forward to seeing Vic, and Joachim Koch of Books Tell You Way, ABAA in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, when they return to the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair.

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