Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Too early to talk about the book fair?

We don't think it's a bit too early to start talking about one of the most anticipated events of the coming year – the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair. Sure, we're still three and a half months away from that wonderful weekend in March when book lovers from far and wide gather at The Coliseum in downtown St. Petersburg for their annual tryst.

No, indeed! Not too early at all.

Consider this. That other widely anticipated event – the premiere of Downton Abbey Season 4 – happens on January 5, and devotees have been in the throes of longing since the summer. Heck, if truth be told, frenzied anticipation began as soon as Season 3 was over. By September, (about the same distance from the Downton premiere as we are now from the opening of the book fair), the Downton-sphere was already atwitter about the new season. Indeed, PBS was showing teasing little previews to increase the salivation.

The foreplay has continued and will continue right on up to that glorious first Sunday of the new year, when, at last, there will be relief!

We know where we'll be on that Sunday night. We have a date with the Granthams and the Crowleys, and, of course, Mr. Carson and his staff.

We also know where we'll be on that glorious Friday night in March when we hear those sweet, sweet words: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2014 Florida Antiquarian Book Fair is now open."

But pardon us while we salivate in the meantime.

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