Wednesday, February 25, 2015

We're posting a post on posters! Win a free poster!

You're probably aware that the theme of this year's Florida Antiquarian Book Fair is Modern Literature: The truth and beauty of fiction. This, of course, refers to anything in fiction published in the 20th or 21st centuries.

It's our way of highlight one part of the vast book fair, one that offers books of many different sorts from the very rare to ordinary reading copies, antique maps, vintage prints and photographs, antique autographs by famous people on significant documents, and so much more.

Last year we highlighted children's literature with the phrase Pages of Wonder, and we had a poster of a youngster in awe of the wondrous things bursting forth from his head, presumably upon reading pages of the book that seems to be precariously balanced on his noggin. (An aside: Few fair goers realized that the young lad who was the model for that poster was the son of the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair's manager, Sarah Smith.)

Next year's theme is Written Relics: Treasured Tomes from Papyrus to Paperbacks. We'll have more about that theme later but you get the idea. We're looking for something to focus on and talk about each year. That's why we have the themes.

But back to the main topic of this blog post. This year's theme also has a poster connected with it, and you see it above. We think it captures not only the spirit of the theme but also our tropical setting. We'll have copies of this poster available for sale for collectors (and you can even send us an email and reserve your copy if you want to do so) but we wanted to alert you to a little promotion we're doing related to this poster over on Facebook. There's a chance for you to win a free poster. Be one of the first ten readers to share this post on Facebook or elsewhere, and send us an email to claim your prize. The first ten emails received will be the winners. Send your entry to

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