Saturday, February 20, 2016

RARE BOOK CAFE: Carrie Carnes, owner of Old Tampa Book Company, reveals treasures bound for the book fair

WATCH LIVE: Back in September, we scheduled Carrie Carnes, owner of Old Tampa Book Company and an exhibitor at the  Florida Antiquarian Book Fair, but computers wouldn't cooperate and Carrie didn't appear on Rare Book Cafe. Now the technical glitches have been corrected and Carrie is joining us -- Saturday at 2:30 p.m. ET.

Carrie Carnes at the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair last year.
Carrie will tell about how she became the owner of one of Tampa Bay's favorite book stores a little less than a year ago -- and how things have been going since. She'll also reveal some of what she's bringing to the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair next month.

Carrie and her husband Matthew Saxon took over the store last year from David and Ellen Brown, who started the store and owned it for more than 20 years. David and Ellen are beloved book dealers who are well known to longtime book fair goers. The Browns retired and moved from the area to be closer to family but they will always be remembered.

You can watch the program live right here on the blog or you can join us on Either way, you're in for a treat. The program will be recorded and will be available right here on replay after the program is over.

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We hope you'll come join the conversation. 

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