Saturday, February 6, 2016

RARE BOOK CAFE: What's your book worth? Get answers

WATCH LIVE: Today we're trying something a little different. We won't have a special guest on. Instead, our co-hosts, Steven Eisenstein and Thorne Donnelley, will take audience questions about the value of their books. This is a great format for doing that because it is visual. Listeners can show the books they are discussing and get answers in real time.

It's almost like being at the book fair, which, of course, is the best what to find out information about your book. Being able to talk to knowledgeable book dealers is a joy. The book fair is coming up, and we certainly suggest that you be there but you can visit Rare Book Cafe on Saturday and get some pretty good advice about your books.

You can view it right here on the book fair blog but you're going to have the best experience if you view it on That way you can type in comments or jump into the program live and ask your question. If you decide to watch it on Blab, log into your Twitter account first and leave it open. Then, in a new window on your Chrome or Firefox browser, go to

If you've never logged in before, you'll be invited to sign in using your Twitter account. Click to allow that and Blab takes care of the rest of the process. If it's your first time, Blab will ask you about your interests. Pick three and then move to the search bar and search for Rare Book Cafe. It'll come up in results below the panel at the top where people are yacking.

When you enter Rare Book Cafe, you'll be greeted by one of the hosts (maybe both). Watch the program, and when you are ready to ask your question, type a slash and the letter Q in the chat space then type your question. That helps the question be highlighted.

Join in the conversation either in the chat or on screen if there is a seat open.

That's it! Easy! Come join the conversation.


  1. I have a ninth edition of henry watsworth Longfellow
    Im not able to be at show can you tell me if its worth anything

  2. 9th Edition Hardcover Henry Watsworth Longfellow
    Evangeline a tale of acadie
    Printers Metcalfand company 1843
    9 edition
    would love to know if its worth anything