Friday, June 23, 2017

June 24 we're talking books, at times gravely, with Forrest Proper. Join us!


We’re headed off to the hills of Western Massachusetts on Rare Book Cafe Saturday, June 24.

Joining the Cafe team at the table will be Forrest Proper, owner of Joslin Hall Rare Books & Ephemera. Cat lover, poet (haiku addict, he says), photographer, gardener and all-round Enlightenment Man of Parts, Proper is a New Hampshire native whose inventory covers decorative arts, fakes and frauds, fine arts, gravestones and mourning arts, and books spanning the 16th to the current century.

Proper is also a regular on Book Tribe, the Facebook live broadcast show from Cafe guest host Kara Accettola’s Little Sages Books.

He last dropped in for a visit with us during April’s weekend of live broadcasts from the 36th Florida Antiquarian Book Fair, attended by a large, amiable black cat.

Proper has all the post-surname initials of a properly-credentialed antiquarian book dealer, and has run Joslin Hall since 1982. He is quoted in all the best places, and gives good interview.

We’ll also be hearing from co-host Thorne Donnelley, just back from the Virginia Book School; Steve Eisenstein will draw from his array of tried-and-true tales; and Cafe miniature book expert Edie Eisenstein will hold some very small books very close to the camera.

Rare Book Cafe is sponsored by the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair. It’s broadcast every Saturday from 2.30 to 3.30 pm EDT and features interviews, panel discussion and stuff you can learn about book collecting whether you are a regular at Sotheby’s or just someone who likes books.

The program airs live on Rare Book Cafe’s Facebook page. Shows are archived on YouTube and can also be viewed on the Facebook page, and the Book Fair blog after their first run.

Hosted by Miami book dealer, appraiser and’s Bucks on the Bookshelf radio show creator Steven Eisenstein, the program features a revolving set of cohosts and regular guests including Thorne Donnelley of Liberty Book Store in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida; Lindsay Thompson of Charlotte’s Henry Bemis Books; miniature books expert Edie Eisenstein; ephemera expert Kara Accettola; and program creator/producer T. Allan Smith.

Rare Book Cafe program encourages viewer participation via its interactive features and video: if you've got an interesting book, join the panel and show it to us! If you’d like to ask the team a question or join us in the virtually live studio audience for the program, click the show link on Saturday!

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