Friday, June 16, 2017

This Week on Rare Book Cafe: It's All About You.

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We’re excited at Rare Book Cafe! On tomorrow’s show, YOU’RE THE GUEST!

We’re inviting you to join us on the show. C’mon, surely you’ve said to yourself, watching us lurch from topic to topic, “That doesn’t look very hard.” Or, as radio comedian Fred Allen used to ask his writers after they’d redlined his script draft, “Where were you guys when these pages were blank!?”

All seriousness aside, we get lonely.

Last year, when we were on the Blab platform, viewers dropped in all the time. They jumped into the conversations we were having. They showed us their rare books.

We can’t figure out if the zeitgeist has just moved on: maybe 2016 was when multiparty live video was new and shiny. Now it’s like, everywhere. Are we YouTubed and Facebook Lived out?

We may have to discuss that, a la Linda Richman:

richman 2.jpg

But we’d rather have you join us! Co-host Lindsay Thompson got started that way, after all.

OK. Maybe not the best example. But anyway...Wait! There’s Kara Accettola! She’s fun!

Even if you don’t want to be a talk show host, push out your envelope a little. Bound down the stairs like Calvin & Hobbes. The Saturday 2:30 to 3:30 beckons! Live! Talk! Be our guests!

Rare Book Cafe is sponsored by the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair. It’s broadcast every Saturday from 2.30 to 3.30 pm EDT and features interviews, panel discussion and stuff you can learn about book collecting whether you are a regular at Sotheby’s or just someone who likes books.

The program airs live on Rare Book Cafe’s Facebook page. Shows are archived on YouTube and can also be viewed on the Facebook pages, and the blog after their first run.

Hosted by Miami book dealer, appraiser and’s Bucks on the Bookshelf radio show creator Steven Eisenstein, the program features a revolving set of cohosts and regular guests including Thorne Donnelley of Liberty Book Store in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida; Lindsay Thompson of Charlotte’s Henry Bemis Books; miniature books expert Edie Eisenstein; ephemera expert Kara Accettola; and program creator/producer T. Allan Smith.

Rare Book Cafe program encourages viewer participation via its interactive features and video: if you've got an interesting book, join the panel and show it to us! If you’d like to ask the team a question or join us in the virtually live studio audience for the program, write us at

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