Sunday, April 23, 2017

Harbingers of Things Not to Come

From the Florida Antiquarian Booksellers Association blog, an excerpt from an old think piece on the future of books:
In 2010, when Nicholas Negroponte, the e-media visionary, predicted that the sale of e-books would overtake printed ones by 2015, pundits seemed to rejoice at the demise of the book as we know it. Amazon had just announced that it was selling more e-books than printed ones. Two years before, The Times of London had already grimly announced that “the slow death of the book may be with us.”  By September last  year, though, printed books still outsold e-books, according to Publishers' Weekly. Pricewatehouse Coopers predicts the e-books will overtake traditional books by 2018.
If the name of the Omniscient Firm rings a bell, it's because that wasn't the first time they've completely lost the plot:

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