Friday, April 21, 2017

Here’s how to be a guest for the live broadcast fun at Book Fair Live, today at 4!

We’re live- well, part-time- at the 36th Florida Antiquarian Book Fair this weekend, starting at 4 pm!

The Book Fair 411 is at our Facebook page. In “Events” is all the newest news re tickets, times and the like. Scroll down the timeline and you can find the Book Fair’s program listing all the dealers crowding the Grand Ballroom of the Art Deco 1924 St Petersburg Coliseum.

But the Book Fair is more than what happens there- it’s the Book Fair That’s Everywhere!

Little Sages Books owner Kara Accettola, a Florida books and ephemera dealer, and Rare Book Cafe cohost Lindsay Thompson, owner of Henry Bemis Books in Charlotte, are cohosting live internet broadcasts from the Fair for all three days:

Friday, 4-6 pm EDT
Saturday, 2:30-5 pm
Sunday 2-4 pm

We want you to come join the fun! While Rare Book Cafe producer Allan Smith roves the Coliseum doing live interviews, Kara has invited all her far-flung friends from the Association of Antiquarian Booksellers to drop in for chats in the studio. We’d love  to have you, too!

Here’s how:

We will be broadcasting live via two platforms during the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair:
Google+ Hangouts via gmail, and, which functions via Facebook.

When we are streaming via Google+ Hangouts,​ you can view and join the call from any mobile
device or laptop/desktop.

When we are streaming via, the only way to join the chat is via
laptop/desktop, not handhelds at this time. Depending on the technology you are bringing, let us
know which platform works for you, and we can schedule your talk session accordingly.

They are both quite simple, but a few things need to be in place namely: camera (built in to device or logitech etc. if on desktop), microphone (same), and speakers (same).

In other words, if on mobile smart phone, you’ll have everything right there. Please download the hangouts app, and if on desktop, please download the Chrome browser.

Each live show we will post an entry code at the top of this notice for the platform we are going to use (we’re using several to highlight the variety of easy-to-use tools available for live broadcasting now).

Once you click the entry link, just follow the prompts. At some time in this process, if you are asked to use your computer's camera and microphone, if prompted, click Allow.

Via​, it’s potentially even simpler:

Again, from your laptop only in a Chrome browser, you’ll follow a link that we will send, that link will be active for the whole 2 hours we are on the air that slot. You can pop in anytime of course to chat and comment, or be put on live.

If your camera/mic/speakers are all set, once you click the link and are prompted to join (click button or click yes),you’ll be ‘with us’ in the chat room and once you are set to go on, you’ll see a 1...2...3...Countdown graphic, then you’ll be live!

Here’s today’s code for Google Hangouts:

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