Sunday, April 23, 2017

You still have time to launch your career as an Internet Personality: join us for the Book Fair Wrap Show!


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It’s World Book Day, a meet time for the third and final day of the 36th Florida Antiquarian Book Fair and we’re getting our C-SPAN mode on today for The Wrapup Chat on Google Hangouts, 3-4 pm EDT.

Everyone’s busy at on the floor of the Coliseum in St Petersburg, hoping to get buyers to carry as many books as possible out and save dealers having to carry them home, so Book Fair Live hosts Kara Accettola and Lindsay Thompson are doing the final installment of three days of live broadcasting from the Book Fair Virtual Studios.

We’re hoping some book dealers will drop in, and you as well! Here’s a code you can click to join the program live today:

We’ll be talking collecting tips, great book websites, the future of social media amid the last redoubts of the Luddites, book fairs, near you, and way, way more.

It has been a tech-geek roller coaster, this first experiment in live-streaming a three-day book fair, and if you’ve had as much fun as we have you must be beside yourself! We’re grateful to all who have taken part, from viewers to dealers to the hapless people we dragooned to be interviewed for the Beige Carpet Sample Preshow Friday.

Rare Book Cafe will return next week, April 29, at its usual time, as we desperately try to fill 52 long weeks till next year’s Book Fair. Stay with us!

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