Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Leftovers: the Scary Show reading list.

Lots of background work goes into every episode of Rare Book Cafe. We cast a wide net for background information that might inform our discussions and provide diversions when Lindsay Thompson launches into another lecture.

But then the show is over, and- especially if Lindsay's worked up a head of steam- the material may not have all been used!

So here's an out-takes reel from our Scary Show for October 28:

HALLOWEEN COSTUMES FOR BOOKSELLERS, Christine Stickles, Book Riot, 10/15/16

A Brief History of Horror Literature, Kristin Masters, Books Tell You Why, 10/24/ 2013.

Orson Welles’ Horror Show (Macbeth), Colin Fleming, The Smart Set, 4/30/15

The 50 Scariest Books of All Time, by Emily Temple, Flavorwire, October 9, 2013

Paranoia, the Devil, and Witchcraft: Books on the Salem Witch Trials, by Anne Rouyer, Supervising Librarian, Mulberry Street Library, New York Public Library, October 27, 2015

14 Terrifying Facts About Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, by Maureen Monahan, Mental Floss, 10/22/15

Top 10 haunted houses in fiction, Claire Barker, The Guardian, 10/29/15

Bats and Vampiric Lore in Père Lachaise Cemetery,by Allison Meier, Atlas Obscura, 5/27/14

So You Want to Read Japanese Horror: Here’s Where to Start, Feliza Casano, Unbound Worlds, 10/18/17

12 Morbid Quotes on What the Dead Can Teach Us, by Tom Blunt, Signature, October 31, 2016

Is it Possible to Be Scared to Death?, Katy Heaney, The Atlantic, 9/28/17

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