Friday, September 15, 2017

Nothing can keep the Cafe off-air for long! It's time for The Storm Show!

We're back! Granted, held together with chewing hum and duct tape and bailing wire, but Rare Book Cafe will be open Saturday, September 16 at 2.30 pm EDT, and serving double shot espressos as everyone decompresses and talks about their experiences in The Big One.

We are all safe and home (several of the team never left) but in varying stages of disruptedness. Electricity, cable, and wireless are not simultaneously restored. Lives have been upheaved. Check-in calls must be made and answered.

So we'll ad hoc our way through the hour with stories of storms, real and literary, and news of our colleagues in FABA. Join us! We want to hear your tales, too.

And Irma? Last we heard, she was off to Hotlanta, got stuck looping the beltway, and then vanished.

Image result for hurricane irma cartoons

Rare Book Cafe is streamed by the Florida Antiquarian Book Fair every Saturday from 2.30 to 3.30 pm EDT. We feature interviews, panel discussion and stuff you can learn about book collecting whether you are a regular at Sotheby’s or just someone who likes books.

The program airs live on Rare Book Cafe’s Facebook page, and remain there after the show.

Hosted by Miami book dealer, appraiser and’s Bucks on the Bookshelf radio show creator Steven Eisenstein, the program features a revolving set of cohosts and regular guests including Thorne Donnelley of Liberty Book Store in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida; Lindsay Thompson of Charlotte’s Henry Bemis Books; miniature books expert Edie Eisenstein; ephemera expert Kara Accettola; and program creator/producer T. Allan Smith.

We enjoy the support and encouragement of these booksellers: Little Sages Books in Hollywood, Florida; Liberty Books in Palm Beach Gardens; As Time Goes By, in Marion, Alabama; Quill & Brush in Dickerson, Maryland; Lighthouse Books in St. Petersburg; The Ridge Books in Calhoun, Georgia; and Henry Bemis Books in Charlotte.

Rare Book Cafe program encourages viewer participation via its interactive features and video: if you've got an interesting book, join the panel and show it to us! If you’d like to ask the team a question or join us in the virtually live studio audience for the program, write us at

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